VAE CONTROLS have been a beneficiary of an internationally recognised Quality system management ISO 9001:2016 and AQAP 2110, Operation health and safety management ISO 45001:2018 and Environmental management ISO 14001:2016 and a number of expert and qualification certificates. Furthermore the company and some of the employees are certified by Czech National Security Authority and by NATO for handling clasified information up to level "Confidential".

We produce instruments for explosive hazarhous areas which are certified according to IECEx and ATEX.

VAE CONTROLS is a member of IPMA (International Project Management Association) and has attestation according to ISO10006:2004.



Certificate ČSN EN ISO 9001:2009 and ČOS 051622 (AQAP 2110)

Since July 17th, 2013 we have been complying with the conditions for ISO 9001:2009 and ČOS 051622 (AQAP 2110).

The certificate covers the following fields: Engineering, Software Design / Development, Design, Supply and Maintenance of Electrical Equipment, Control Systems and Technological Equipment, Elaboration/Application of Software Products.


AQAP 2110


VAE CONTROLS is a partner to Siemens | 2013

VAE CONTROLS is a partner to Siemens division for the technological field inherent in water engineering, petrochemistry and power engineering.


 Certificate Siemens 2013


Certificate OHSAS 18001:2008

for the Occupational health and safety management system in accordance with OHSAS 18001:2008.





 OHSAS 18001:2007

BS OHSAS 18001:2007

ISO 9001:2008 Quality Certificate

Since 1998, we have been complying with the conditions for ISO 9001:2000 Quality Certificate.

On 1st August, 1998 VAE CONTROLS Ltd., received ISO 9001:2000 Quality Certificate. The certificate covers the following fields: "Design, delivery and servicing of heavy-current facilities, control system facilities, technological units, creation and application of software products". Actually the company complies with ISO 9001:2008 standards in all of its operations.

ISO 9001:2009


  ISO 9001-Gold Certificate

EN ISO 14001:2004 Certificate

Since 2010, we have been complying with the conditions for EN ISO 14001:2004 Certificate for the Environmental Management System.

ISO 14001:2004


Attestation ISO 10006:2004 and ISO21500:2013 for Project management

Since June 2010 we have been complying with the conditions of ISO 10006:2004 for Project management.


ISO 10006:2004



ISO 21500:2013

National Safety Authority Certificate

Since 8th August, 2003, we have been complying with the conditions for awarding a certificate of the National Safety Office for dealing with documents containing classified information.

Based on possession of this document, VAE CONTROLS is left to provide services that require haling classified documents as well as such service that imply the creation of classified documents. The company may also be communicated classified information up to (and including) the classification grade of "confidential".


Certificate NATO

Since 21. 5. 2008 we comply with the conditions for the certification by NATO for handling the clasified information.

Based on this, company VAE CONTROLS and some of the employees can handle an/or generate the clasified information up to level NATO "Confidential.


ATEX certificate for the additive dosing unit EVA6.x

On10. 11. 2006 our daughter company ELOK-OPAVA received the certificate FTZÚ 06 ATEX 0181 for the additive dosing unit EVA 6.x. The equipment is suitable for operation in explosive hazardous areas accoding to European directive 94/9/EC.

Also the equipment comlies with the norms: EN 60079-0:2004; EN60079-7:2003; EN 60079:18:2004; EN 50020:2002.

Atex EVA6

Certificate: System integrator Serck Controls, UK

VAE CONTROLS® s.r.o. is a system integrator of the products and software from company Serck Controls Ltd.

Siemens partner

SCADA SCX Appraisal the 1st place in a competition

Our SCADA SCX system won a fantastic 1st place in a competition for the most progressive technology held at "Vodovody a kanalizace 2000", a water supply system exhibition in Pilsen.

In 30th May the 1st June, 2000 you could see our stall in the Pilsen exhibition centre. We put on display SCADA control system and Proteus SERCK stations. We collected prices in the most progressive technology competition for SCADA SCX.

SCADA 1st place

Wonderware system integrator

VAE CONTROLS is a registered system integrator of Wonderware software products

The Wonderware product was applied as required by the customer under a project of a control system for DALKIA - Ostrava Trebovice Heating Plant, implemented by VAE CONTROLS.

VAE CONTROLS - Wonderware