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Sliač Airport, the Ministry of Defence of the Slovak Republic, Slovakia | 2012

The contract for NATO: reconstruction of the airport in Sliač. The construction of new loading from rail tankers including 2 km long pipeline to the reservoirs (3x250m3) and output into tank trucks.

Delivery of vapor recovery unit (cleaning of gasoline vapors) for Slovnaft, Slovakia | 2011

Fabrication of 300 m3/h vapor recovery unit for truck loading terminal Bratislava, EPC Jordan Technologies.

Delivery of river tanker loading terminal for Slovenska plavba dunajska, Bratislava, Slovakia | 2010

EPC delivery of loading facility for liquid chemicals to river rankers through loading arms DN200. Laoding arms are hydraulically actuated and equipped by ERS (Emergency Rrelease System).

ZSSK CARGO - Transloading terminal in Čierna nad Tisou - Slovakia | 2009

Complex supply of the engineering, technology and automation for railway transloading terminal for flamable products liquids.

OKZ Holding - Delivery of equipment for the fuel tanks - Slovakia | 2008

Delivery of electrical equipment for the fuel storage tanks.

Real HM Nové Zámky - Fuel storage Nové Zámky - Slovakia | 2007

A recuperation unit deployment.

Terminal Trebisov - Slovakia | 2006
Vapour recovery and Additive dosing.
Progress Trading, s.r.o. - Fuel terminal and warehouse - Slovak republic | 2004

Complex delivery of warehouse and filling tray technology for a fuel terminal (railway loading station, tanks, filling trays, additive feeding technologies).

OMV Slovakia a.s. - Fuel warehouse, Komarno - Slovak Republic | 1998

Project, complex delivery of technology and control of a river fuel warehouse on the Danube with loading into railway wagon tanks and truck tanks.

OMV Slovakia a.s. - Fuel Warehouse, Klacany - Slovak Republic | 1997

Project, complete delivery of warehouse technology and control.

VSZ Doprava a.s. - Fuel Terminal, Kosice - Slovakia | 1997

Engineering, project and delivery of fuel terminal technology at a locomotive depot.

Slovak Army - Fuel Warehouse, Zemianske Kostolany - Slovak Republic | 1996

Engineering, project and delivery of a fuel warehouse reconstruction (oil management).